Dubbed And Subbed Anime : Top Websites TO Watch


Streamanime.eu You will surely like this site because simplicity always has its advantage. The design is simple and easy to use. You can choose between VF or VOSTFR from the beginning thanks to the main menu, an anime ranking is also available to help you find the best anime of the moment. The home page puts you directly on the new updates and all episodes are directly available. It’s always nice to be on a site that is up to date and not too late with what’s going on.

The site is quite fast, not too much advertising makes navigation pleasant, you don’t often find yourself on another site because of the ads that go off everywhere at any time. The site also offers the possibility to watch the most popular series such as The walking dead, Game of thrones, Vikings, Arrow and others … Streamanime is a site that will complete the list of your manga sites in VF and VOSTFR.


Anime-vf.fr is a very interesting free site that also offers you the possibility to watch manga in VF and VOSTFR. With a very simple interface you can find immediately what you are looking for. The site is fast, not many ads to watch to start watching an anime. This site is very convenient to watch your favorite manga for free. Anime-VF offers several search tools to help you find your anime, search by genre in alphabetical order.

It is very rare to find a homepage of an anime site without an ad which makes the search for your anime easier and especially faster, once your anime found the ad launches during the viewing of the video which is normal for a site that offers a free service. A shop is available for those who want to go further and get T-shirts, figurines, accessories and lots of other stuff.


Manga-vf.fr The site is simply perfect for watching animes (manga) in VF and VOSTFR. Manga-VF is a very comfortable site to visit especially with its dark theme the animes are easier to notice. The design is well done, well organized and above all no annoying ads. The strong point of Manga-VF is its simplicity : it offers a single menu and a single search bar to help you find your anime. If you forgot the title of the anime you have to look elsewhere unfortunately because the search filters are limited to three sections (anime French Version, anime VOSTFR and anime in progress).

The site is very fast and the navigation between the pages is correct your browser does not open other sites during the navigation like the other free sites. The episodes are well organized and not a lot of ads to watch before you start watching your anime. This site is good to take a look around once in a while and no doubt will be a plus that will complete your list of favorites.


Gum-gum-streaming.com/ The site is quite popular among anime fans and you will surely find what you are looking for. The interface is simple to use just one menu to access all the options, It offers both the VF and VOSTFR versions. A shop is available if you want to go further and get accessories of your favorite anime. Unfortunately the site is not totally free and offers you a subscription with the paying site ADN to watch some anime. The chat box is well active by members and you can make new friends.

Regarding the search Gum-Gum provides you with an alphabetical filter for each section, you can for example search for a movie and find it easily. The site is fast the diffusion of ads is not above average and the navigation remains pleasant. Visit this site you will not be disappointed.


Neko-san.fr/ A great site that offers both Streaming and downloading of animes in VF and VOSTFR. Neko-san is free but doesn’t offer the possibility to watch the animes with license. The site offers 2095 animes in total (757 licensed, 1338 unlicensed) for episodes with license Neko-san will put you directly on the site in question (ADN, Crunchyroll …). The search filter section is very advanced and you can filter the searches according to the type of license, the year of release, the author, the studio, the episode format and the genre.

You can see right away that a huge amount of work has been done to set up this site. You can sign up and use the schedule option and the my lists option which can be very handy to avoid having to search again each time you want to watch an episode. Although the site is still under development but it is far superior to other anime sites.

Last But not least, Cartooncrazy.uno where you can watch dubbed and subbed english Anime(Manga) online free in multiple qualities and direct download links.

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